Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Book review: My New iPad


All I wanted was a simple task: drag and drop some digital photos from my Windows PC to my iPad. I had done it with videos and iTunes, but I got stalled trying to do the same with still pictures. I decided to consult the iPad manual but then I remembered - Apple didn't give me one.

Instead, I got the bad news from a handy independent guide: My New iPad, the 3rd edition of Wallace Wang's user guide published by No Starch Press ($13.61 at amazon.com). The book has a quick and cogent explanation of how to use iTunes to sync photos from designated directories on your desktop computer. There's no explanation of the drag-and-drop process because it can't be done; Apple doesn't allow it.

The book covers the things that iPads can do with just enough detail to get you feeling comfortable. The chapters are packed with color screen shots and each segments starts by showing you the icons for the apps or functions that you'll be using. Along with the basics, Wang explains more esoteric features like the four-finger gesture and how to customize Spotlight, a search option that I didn't know existed.

Wang doesn't go beyond the iPad basics. You won't learn how to link the Contacts app to Google's contacts or how to use add-on devices like Apple camera connection plug. But My new iPad is a solid resource for new arrivals or anyone who wants to learn more about their device.

Get more details about the book or download a free chapter in PDF format at the No Starch Press website.


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