Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Swiss Army Knife of grilling gadgets


The quest for the best grilling tools can be as daunting as the search for the best rib rub. Too often, my grill becomes a resting place for a whole stack of forks, flippers and other utensils.

But somebody at Grill Daddy had the bright idea of combining several cooking tools into one all-purpose utensil. If you're looking for a great Father's Day gift, this could be the one.

The centerpiece is a hefty, well-balanced stainless steel fork that keeps the cook's knuckles safely protected behind a rotating metal guard. No matter how you hold the fork, the shield is also turned toward the fire.

The fork has extra long tines, which will help when you have to move a big slab of meat. The shaft can telescope for a shorter or longer reach and there's a meat thermometer stored in the end of the handle.

When you need a different tool, to manage hamburgers, for instance, you can easily remove the fork end and replace it with one of Grill Daddy's other attachments. There's a standard spatula, a long flipper that can hold three burger patties, a wide flipper for fish and a basting brush.

The shaft and fork attachment costs $24.96 at amazon.com. Additional attachments cost $10-$12 each.

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