Sunday, September 1, 2013

Moto Maxx is an eye-catcher


It's not that I've fallen out of love with my iPhone 5, but you could definitely say the thrill has worn off. I keep getting distracted by new Android phones that are lighter and thinner with larger and brighter screens.

The latest object of my flirtations is the new Droid Maxx from Motorola and Verizon Wireless.   I've been around the dance floor a few times in the past with Moto phones. The original Razr phone was a hottie and the first Droid was a solid and reliable companion.

The Maxx has two features that immediately catch your attention: a long-running battery and bright, gorgeous screen. 

Motorola says the battery will last for 48 hours of mixed uses, meaning phone calls, videos, games and other data-crunching activities. In drain tests performed by testing labs, the Maxx scored better than it's primary competitors, including the HTC One and Samsung's Galaxy S4. That should make it appealing to road warriors - or mobile Netflix addicts.

The beefy battery makes the Maxx only slightly thicker and at 5.9 ounces, a little heavier than those other Android phones. With a black surface of Kevlar fiber, the phone has a solid and serious feel to it, without feeling heavy or bulky.

And, about that screen. It's 5-inch high-definition OLED display that delivers rich colors with deep blacks. The 720p resolution is just fine for either videos or text.

The Maxx also scores points for having a camera that is incredibly simple to use and for including a feacure called Active Display that causes the screen to flash softly when e-mail, text messages or calls arrive. You can touch and hold an icon in the center of the screen to get more information without having the phone completely wake up.

One thing that may make you think twice about going steady with the Maxx -- it's not a cheap date. While other high-end Android phones like the HTC One, the Moto X, or the Galaxy S4 can be yours for $199 with a two-year contract, the Maxx costs $100 more.


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