Sunday, January 26, 2014

Capti app turns text into a podcast


My iPhone is stocked with my favorite podcasts for my daily dog walks: Freakonomics, RadioLab, Fresh Air, and Things You Missed In History Class. But sometimes I wish I could use that time to catch up on my reading. Wouldn't it be nice if would read me news stories, articles, business reports and other material from the web.

Yevgin Borodin had the same thought in mind when he developed Capti Narrator, an iOS app that converts text from websites, blogs, open-source ebooks and other sources into audio files. Borodin and his company, Charmtech Labs, introduced the app at International CES earlier this month.

The app takes text from a browser or storage service like Dropbox and uses speech synthesis technology to convert it into MP3 audio files. Borodin said his initial goal was to create a text-to-speech program to serve people with visual impairments, but later decided that the idea would also appeal to students, commuters or anyone who wanted to listen to what they couldn't read.

The iOS app is currently available in the Apple iTunes store and Borodin said an Android version will be released soon. The app is free but different voices cost up to $5.99 Capti currently has more than two dozen English voices with American, British, Australian and Indian accents.


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