Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bobine's charging cable puts a phone at eye level


Is the Bobine a cellphone dock or a charging cable? Actually, it's both.

The unique combo product is built around a 24-inch length of tough but flexible metal tubing, the kind you sometimes see used as a gooseneck shaft to hold a utility light. At one end is a USB plug, at the other is a cradle for a mobile phone.

With a few twists and turns, you can fashion the cable into a rigid snake that keeps your phone in view while it charges or syncs. For a Skype or Facetime video call, the stalk holds the phone steady at eye level. And the Bobine might be the solution for getting your phone in the right position to provide GPS navigation in your car.

The cable comes with a standard USB plug at one end and your choice of plugs for your mobile phone: Android, Apple's Lightning plug for the iPhone 5 or 6, or the classic 30-pin Apple connector for the iPhone 4 or iPods.

All of the Bobine versions sell for $35 at the Fuse Chicken website.


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