Monday, July 7, 2014

Textter makes instant messaging even faster


You know, of course, that instant messaging isn't all that instantaneous. Let's say you send a text message to a friend asking "Where shall we meet?" or "Can I bring coffee?"

Your friend is ready to answer. You know she's typing because your phone shows a series of dots. But what is she saying? You need to know now. You're stopped at a red light or maybe standing in line at Starbucks. The people behind you are ready to move on, even if you're not.

When Carlos Cueto found himself in that kind of situation, he was moved to create Textter, the first real-time messaging app. Textter allows users to see what a friend is typing before they hit the Send button. It also has the useful ability to delete a message after it was send. Regret that 3 a.m. text? One swipe and it's gone from your phone' and you friend's phone.

Textter is free and available from the iTunes Store and Google Play.


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