Sunday, August 3, 2014

Eat Dragonfly appeals to all ages


One reason mobile games have become so popular is they are very easy to play. I remember a war game for the Xbox that had more than a dozen different button functions and combinations. Contrast that to a game like Eat Dragonfly for Apple mobiles. It has one objective: eat flies.

The game has one main character, a big green dragonfly. His objective is to eat flies while avoiding pipes. Five gobbled flies earns 1 point. Players move him through a lush green forest by tapping on the screen. Want to do well playing Eat Dragonfly? Tap faster and eat more flies.  

The game is easy enough to play that adults can compete with their grandkids. That's not likely with Call of Duty. Check out the free version and the $2.99 pro version of Eat Dragonfly in the Apple iTunes store.


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