Thursday, November 24, 2016

Choetech charger fuels six devices at once


In our house, one corner of a kitchen shelf is devoted to charging gadgets. There's an AC panel with four outlets just above the shelf. Trouble is, we have way more than four devices that need charging.

At any given time, you might find four mobile phones, three tablets, a Kindle, a Fitbit tracker and a couple of other items all jockeying for access to a USB charger. And woe be it to the iPad owner who plugs into the wrong charger for an overnight fueling that doesn't happen.

The solution? I'm buying the Choetech multi-port USB charger. This baby delivers 50 watts and up to 10 amps of power to six separate USB outlets while taking over just one AC outlet. Reviewers on Amazon say it handles iPhones, iPad, Kindles, iPods, Samsung Galaxy devices and spare battery packs and it reloads them faster than any computer-connection.

I found the Choetech selling for $21.99 on For me, getting an neat and orderly kitchen counter is worth at least that much.


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