Saturday, September 27, 2014

Group plans app for filing sweatshop complaints


We've all heard stories about poor working conditions in the Southeast Asia factories that produce our clothing and footwear. Reports of low wages, abusive treatment, unreasonable hours and even child labor have become disturbingly all too frequent.

Here's a way that you can help that doesn't require you to give up low-priced clothes and smart shoes. A team of people from New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia plan to develop a mobile application for factory workers and managers that will let them file grievances directly to the brands who are buying the good from the factories.

How will that happen? With an app on their mobile phones. The developers say "Brands such as adidas have already used an SMS system we deployed with them in Vietnam and Indonesia, now we want to improve this technology into an application."

The group currently has a fund-raising campaign under way on Kickstarter where it hopes to raise $60,000 NZD over the next two months. Supporters will get updates from the group and those who contribute larger amounts will get a personalized video. Find out more about the project at this Kictstarter page.


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