Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ractiv brings touch control to any computer


It happens to me all the time. I reach toward the screen of my laptop computer, thinking I'll touch a link or pinch a photo. Touch computing has become so commonplace, our brains think it's available everywhere. And now it can be available anywhere you want it.

Touch+ is a second-generation device that brings multi-touch control to almost any surface. Touch+ was developed by Ractiv, a company that created used Kickstarter last year to finance Haptix, the predecessor of Touch+.

Touch+ uses a small sensor containing two cameras and an IR LED. It mounts on the lip of an LCD monitor where it watches your fingers as they rest on your keyboard. It can also be mounted next to your computer to make the surface of your desk the touch-sensitive area.

Ractiv began shipping the first Touch+ units just this week. You can order one for $74.99 at the Ractiv website. Check out the video below to see Touch+ in action and keep up with Ractiv news with their Twitter feed.


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