Friday, September 19, 2014

Stickman Ninja Master is simple fun


We've all heard the axiom that sometimes less is more. Less calories leads to more fitness. A less cluttered home is a more inviting home. And, sometimes, less elaborate graphics in a video game can increase it's fun factor.

One of my favorite classic games was Lode Runner. It was just a simple stick figure character making his way from one level to another. Stickman Ninja Master, a new mobile game for the iPhone and iPad, captures much of that simple appear.

The game follows a ninja warrior through eight levels of boards to break. The rules are also simple: jump, kick, jab and throw stars to break the boards and advance. Players earn coins by breaking boards and finishing levels and the coins can be used to more stars, extra spear durability, and even golden weapons. The better you play, the more powerful you become. Break every board and you will be the master.

To check out the free game by David Weiskittel, watch the video below, then click to the iTunes App Store.


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