Sunday, October 12, 2014

Programmer's Tool offers easy shortcuts


One of my favorite computer utilities lets me compile blocks of text that I can paste intro a document or email with a couple of keystrokes. Any program that saves time and eliminates duplicate work gets a star from me.

The Programmer's Tool is another time-saver in that same vein. Despite it's name, it's not just for coders. It can help anyone who spends a lot of time on their keyboard - an isn't that just about everyone?

the tool sits quietly in the Windows system tray and comes to life when you need it. It offers a set of hotkeys that can be customized for a variety of actions. For example, you coupe program Control-Shift-F6 to launch Excel and load a frequently-used spreadsheet. It also lets you build a compact menu of applications that you frequently use. Another option lets you load notifications that have a time element so you can send messages to your future self.

You can get more details and download the application for free at the Programmer's Tool website.


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