Sunday, November 30, 2014

Get back-end Android tools with Side-by-Side File Manager


With the growing popularity of tablets and Chromebooks, Android devices are poised to replace everyday personal computers for many users. Their application software can do just about anything a user would want, but they still need a little help managing the back end. Side-by-Side File Manager is one of those helpers that every Android user should check out.

The program makes it easy to do everyday chores like copy, move, rename, and delete files and folders. It is especially useful when you're moving or copying files or folders from a device to a memory card, external drive or USB stick. Files are presented side-by-side and you can move them using left or right arrows. Folder transfers are also supported.

A long press on a file name opens a menu of options, including a launch option. This is handy when you find a video file and want to choose which player to use.

You can get Side-by-Side File Manager for free in the Google Play Store. A Pro version available for $2.99 adds the ability to do wireless file transfer between Androids, and between Androids and PCs.


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