Sunday, December 21, 2014

MyLapse shoots a time-lapse selfie


What's a MyLapse? The people who created it call it "the love child that was formed when a time-lapse met a self-portrait."

The 99-cent iPhone app lets you collect several self-portraits - or duo portraits - over time, then mash them together into a single animated portrait. The result is a multi-dimensional look at a person that a standard selfie can't deliver.

The app has a built in reminder that prompts you to take another photo every day, or every week, whatever you decide. Give each shot a different look. In one, you might be buffed up for a night out, or craving your morning coffee in the next.

Users are finding creative ways to deploy MyLapse. They include tracing the progress of a fitness program, documenting a growing child, or building collages with friends and family.

See how MyLapse works at the MyLapse website or get your own copy in the iTunes App Store.


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