Friday, January 30, 2015

Lumific is the cure for photo overload


 The photo collection on my mobile phone is a lot like the shelves in my office: lots of good stuff mixed in with lots of junk. But who has the time to sort through all those photos, choose the best ones and crop, enhance and organize them?

Apparently Lumific has the time and the tools for the job. Lumific is a free photo gallery app for Androids that will automatically edit and organize your photos.

It can group similar photos together by identifying the date and location that they were shot. You get a collection from your August vacation, another from the October wedding you attended and one more from Christmas.

The app will also automatically enhance, rotate and crop photos. When it's finished, it shows you the only the best ones. You can keep good stuff and toss out the junk. Other Lumific features let you easily share photos on Facebook and other social media and select some for wallpaper. A future enhancement will store your picked pics in the cloud.

For more details, check out the video below, visit the Lumific website or the app page in the Google Play Store. You can also follow @Lumific on Twitter.


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