Wednesday, March 25, 2015

GPSWOX apps track mobile phones


A few years ago our son loaded up his Subaru and drove off to take a job in Anchorage, Alaska. Before leaving, he installed an app on his mobile phone that let us check his location at any time. Having that app in place eased some of our worries as we watched his little icon slowly move up the Alcan Highway.

Safety and peace of mind are among the many reasons why people are installing phone-tracking apps like those available from GPSWOX. The a company that makes commercial tracking products for fleet management, also has consumer-oriented apps for Apple, Android and Windows mobile phones.

With phone-tracking software installed, users can track and find lost or stolen phones, monitor the movements of family members and get reports that shows mileage and locations visited.

The app can also deliver alerts when the phone's owner exceeds a certain speed limit or when they arrive at designated location, like home, school or a workplace.

Check out the apps in the iTunes Apps Store, the Google Play Store or the Windows Phone Store. You can also find a variety of devices for tracing vehicles, bicycles, children and pets in the  GPSWOX Trackers Shop.


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