Friday, March 6, 2015

Lookeen makes Outlook search what it should be


When I worked for a Fortune 500 corporation, all employees used Microsoft Outlook for their email client. Outlook is the de facto standard for companies large and small.

But if it's so great, why did we get regular alerts telling us to delete old mail because the mail server was running out of storage space? And why didn't we have a better Outlook search tool than Outlook's own sluggish search window to find mail worth keeping?

You'd think a big company like that would have heard about Lookeen, a highly-regarded Outlook add-in that provides fast and intelligent searches across an enterprise. The program gives Outlook users a toolbar and new window that quickly searches mail, contacts and appointments and shows you the contents of any found item that you click.

Lookeen focuses on Outlook mail, but it's smart enough to also look on your desktop, in your Outlook archives and in folders such as My Documents to find related information on the user's computer and on network file servers. And get this: it's search supports Boolean and proximity searches. That means you can use AND and NOT operators to frame your searches and find documents where one term is near another.

Lookeen has editions for standard and virtual desktops and for enterprise installations. The latest version of Lookeen lets users edit and save documents, including Word and Excel files, from within their desktop search tool. Lookeen also works with older versions of Outlook, including 2003. That would please the people at my former employer where we never had the newest versions of anything.

For more details and pricing, visit the Lookeen website.


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