Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Where are you? Mobile phone tracking app knows


Do you know where your kids are right now? How about your elderly parents or your spouse?

WhereAreYouGPS is a mobile phone tracking program that can be installed on an Android or Blackberry phone. Once it's in place, the app begins silently tracking and recording the phone's location around the clock.

The app's operator can see the phone's location on map and check the phone's movements over the past six months. The operator can also track multiple phones on a single account and set up custom geofences to get an alert when a phone travels beyond that boundary.

A phone with WhereAreYouGPS installed can also be checked using SMS if it's in an area where an Internet connection is not available.

The WhereAreYouGPS website offers a free trial of the service with a premium version priced at $19 per year. Downloads are available in the Google Play Store and Blackberry World.


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