Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Booqla makes easy ebooks


In the 1980s, my wife and her siblings published a book of their late father’s bible stories. The book came out well, but it wasn’t ready for the era of digital books and ebook readers that came along a few years later.

I remedied that situation by converting the book’s text files into a format that could be viewed on iPads and other tablets and even offered for sale on Amazon.

Back then, the conversion process required some special software. It would be much easier today with Booqla, a web-based self-publishing tool that creates instant ebooks.

Booqla users can import their manuscript in Word format or plain text and see it quickly converted into Epub and Mobi digital formats. Pub is widely used by online book sources and many ebook readers. Mobi files can be read on Amazon’s Kindle devices and sold through Amazon’s store for self-published ebooks.

Booqla charges a flat fee of $60 for the digital conversion and $180 for the digital files plus a print-ready PDF. Booqla does not limit downloads and it does not charge a commission or hold the copyright to manuscripts.

For more information, watch the video below and visit the Booqla website.


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