Sunday, April 19, 2015

TechCare Massager battles muscle aches


I never understood why people loved professional massages - until I had one. Now I’d take one every week, if I could afford it.

The TechCare Massager system looks like it could be an affordable alternative. TechCare is a portable electrical device that combines a handheld controller with with pads that deliver massage stimulation to specific parts of your body.

According to the TechMassager website, the system is designed to provide therapy for sore muscles, stress and tension, minor muscle atrophy, strenuous exercise or normal household, sport and work activities. I tried one of the units being demonstrated at a trade show earlier this and walked away feeling refreshed and invigorated.

The TechCare Massager Mini Blue includes a controller includes a battery-powered controller with a timer,  an LCD display and six delivery modes along with two pairs of electrodes and cables. Amazon currently sells the Mini Blue for $59.99.

You can find other models and details at the TechMassager website. You can follow @TechCareMassage on Twitter.


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