Friday, April 24, 2015

YouQuest app taps into ancient wisdom


In many Native American cultures, young people are sent on a vision quest, usually a period of solitary reflection that leads to an understanding ancient wisdom and spirituality. That knowledge is often referred to as the community’s collective memory. 

Some of that memory may be locked away in the DNA of modern people like you and me, but we’re too busy with work and gadgets and play to look for it. Who has time for a vision quest?

Carol Phelan-Marsh found the time and energy to look for wisdom in unconventional places when her daughter contracted bone cancer.  “We used every tool, ancient and modern, to help her successfully battle osteosarcoma,” she said. “I swore if she came through this that I’d launch a product to help others find their inner warriors."   

Phelan-Marsh started a company called 500 BC that developed a new mobile app called YouQuest. The app blends history, science and psychology into a game of self discovery. The goal is to help people explore and discover their direction in life by connecting their everyday to the distant past. 

YouQuest includes a series of quizzes that help you understand your personalty and where you fit in your tribe. You you a risk-taker? Are you comfortable when you’re alone? Other segments offer advice from ancient sages that can be applied to modern problems and guides for creating personalized diet, health and fitness plans. 

Your guide and companion is Boris the boar, a symbol of ancient bravery who delivers daily wake-up calls and keeps the game from getting too stuffy or overly serious. Boris also dispenses wisdom @500BC_Boris on Twitter and he sometimes turns up in the 500 BC Blog

The app is available free in both the Apple iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. By the way, Phelan-Marsh's daughter is doing fine and pursuing her own vision quest.


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