Monday, May 11, 2015

Beenger hopes to change the way people interact


Are you up for a challenge? Here’s one to try: figure out what the Elegant Monkeys are up to.

They’re a group of coders and crazies in Jerusalem who have just launched a new Android app called Beenger.

Check the Beenger website and you’ll learn that Beenger uses mobile platforms “to help people reconnect with each other in the physical world by using our primary need to be challenged.” It mixes “the   virtual with the physical in a fun and exciting way.”

Move over the Google Play Store and you’ll get the app description that calls Beenger is  “a revolutionary ego based social network.”

Want some example? Here’s a guy bench pressing another guy. A cute girl in a bikini. A guy with a soup pot on his head. There's more @BeengerApp on Twitter.

Get the idea? You can challenge your friends (or frenemies) to do something crazy, silly, fun or revealing and see what happens. Sounds like a lot more fun that the same old boring selfie.


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