Sunday, May 17, 2015

HoloNumber app promises low-cost phone numbers for all


Why would I want a separate and unique phone number? I can think of several reasons. When I’d like a number that’s associated only with a sideline business. When I want to manage who calls me and how they do it. When I want a number I can give to a salesperson but don’t want constant calls. When I want to avoid a data plan on a second or third phone.

If you have your own reasons, check out HoloNumber. It’s an iOS and Android app that will give you a phone number is the US or more than 80 other countries.

Unlike IP-based voice services, HoloNumber does not require a connection to a mobile data service or WiFi. And it works even when the app is not running.

HoloNumber is scheduled to be launched later this summer. According to the product’s website, the service will not require a setup fee or a contract. And he price for service will offer rates that start as low as 1 cent per minute.

HoloNumber’s developers say the service will work seamlessly in your phones’ background with almost no battery usage. It becomes active only when a call is made or received and does not require a constant battery-chewing data connection required by other voice services. HoloNumber also promises call quality that is superior to typical VoIP services.

The HoloNumber website has additional information about the service and a sign-up form that deliver an invitation when the app is available. You can also keep up to date on the service’s plans @HoloNumber on Twitter.


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