Sunday, May 17, 2015

MyAmplifiers has solutions for weak cell signals


My daughter works from home using a company-provided cellphone. That’s a great situation, except when incoming calls fail to connect or don’t deliver a good connection. The problem is a combination of poor cell service and the construction of her house.

The likely solution is a signal booster like the ones sold at MyAmplifiers. The website sells a variety of cell phone repeaters for personal and commercial applications.

A typical setup includes an outdoor antenna to capture the cellular network signal, an amplifier to boost the intensity of the signal and an inside transmitter to deliver the enhanced signal to a a handset. That kind of installation makes a weak signal stronger and bypasses walls, roofing and other building elements that interfere with the network signal.

The MyAmplifiers website has an extensive inventory of boosters for small and large buildings plus solutions for cars and trucks and for weak WiFi coverage.


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