Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Website offers video-based tech training


I’ve never met Bucky Roberts, but he seems to be a pretty smart guy. He has produced and posted a large collection of training videos that cover a multitude of technical topics. They’re all available online at The New Boston website.

Most of the training sets are geared for beginners. Novices can learn HYTML 5, Javascript, MySQL, PHP, Python and Ruby. there are also specialized courses, like Python for game development, Ajax for video and the physics of puzzle gaming. Other videos let you brush up on Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

And these aren’t quick quick hits. A PhotoShop CS6 tutorial has 12 hours of training divided into 110 videos. Although many of the videos are available for free on YouTube, they are sold in organized packages on the website with prices starting at about $30.

You can check out he full curriculum at The New Boston website and follow Bucky @bucky_roberts on Twitter.


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