Sunday, June 7, 2015

My Academic Program simplifies college searches


More than a decade ago when we were helping our children find and close a college, that job meant finding information about the schools in printed directories, many of which were out of date by the time we got them. To get more information, we had to contact specific schools and ask for catalogs, tuition rates and other details.

Today, schools market themselves on the Web where prospective students can also find interactive databases and comparisons of thousands of schools on a website like My Academic Program eases.

MAP was created by Think Edu, LLC, which describes itself as “a consortium of individuals from across the world who have come together to build an application that can help prospective students and their parents make educated assessments of individual Colleges in the United States.”

The MAP website uses data collected from a government database that contains data on U.S. colleges that receive federal financial aid.

Users can search by state and by degree programs to see which schools offer study programs that meet their interest. They can also enter their personal goals and ideas in a questionnaire and have MAP recommend colleges based on their responses.

For more details, visit the My Academic Program website. Browsing is free but users will need to register if they want to mark favorites and do comparisons. You can also follow @yourstudentmap on Twitter.


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