Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Screenmeter easily logs employee work time


You’re a manager with a deadline to meet. You have a staff of writers, coders and designers. You’re pretty sure they’re out there working away in their cubicles, at home or at some coffee shop.

But how can you be sure? You could install spyware on their computers, or try something much less invasive like Screenmeter.

Screen meter is an unobtrusive desktop app that lets employees or contributors monitor themselves. They click Screenmeter on to start logging their time and capturing screenshots while they’re working on a project. They click it off when they switch to something else.

The captured time data and images are sent to ScreenMeter.com where you can see and chart it in real time. When you need to create a work report or prepare an invoice, Screenmeter has already done all the heavy lifting.

The software cost 1 cent per employee per hour, or about $2 a month for a full-time employee. There’s more online at the Screenmeter website.


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