Friday, June 19, 2015

TVexe dials in the world


It’s easy to say that the Internet is shrinking the globe and bringing people in far away places within our reach. But that abstract idea didn’t fully register with me until I discovered TVexe.

The service delivers live television from more than 1,500 channels originating in more than 100 countries. It’s one thing to watch a British or Mexican channel streamed through my Roku box. It’s entirely something else to tune in news from Afghanistan, sports from the Czech Republic, music from Ireland and children’s programs from Turkey.

The service includes more than 170 channels from the US including news from ABC and CNN and local-interests channels in Miami, New York and other locations.

TVexe delivers its global lineup of channels through a Windows video player that can be downloaded for free from the service’s website. The player includes a channel guide that lets you browse channels from their home country, by language and by topics such as news, entertainment, art and local interests.

Users who don’t have windows can watch on a website with a Mac or Linux computer or a tablet device.

Visit the TVexe website to download the Windows player or explore the channel lineup.


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