Friday, June 5, 2015

Website calculates the best price per fluid ounce


Like any good consumer, I try to get the most for my money. At grocery stores, that often means choosing my product in the most economical package size. But when faces with soft drinks in bottles, cans, quarts and gallons calculating the best choice can be mind-numbing.

I found a little website that takes the pain out of that process. Price Per Fluid Ounce has a simple calculator that tells you which item is the better buy.

You enter the volume in gallons or quarts and the price and the calculator displays the cost per fluid ounce for each container size.

For example, a perfume might cost $3.99 in 2 oz. bottle, $59.99 in a quart bottle or $99.99 for a gallon. When is the best deal? Turns out it’s the quart, not the gallon.

You can compare up to five items at a time. And the website displays nicely on a mobile phone, so you can easily use it while you’re shopping.

Try it out at the Price Per Fluid Ounce website.


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