Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Website has solar quotes, news and advice


The road to energy independence is bathed in sunlight. As the cost of solar panels decreases, solar energy is becoming more attractive to people all around the world.

But anyone thinking about installing solar generators in their home or business needs first do some homework about the costs and benefits. A good place to start is Australian Solar Quotes.

The website delivers fast price quotes from solar providers based on a customer’s postal code in Australia. Other parts of the website offer information about solar energy that could prove useful to people anywhere in the world.

For example, there’s a link to download Solar Energy News, a free app that provides tools an information about solar power.  The app includes a solar news feed about the solar industry with articles written by staff writers and correspondents around the world.

Other features include a Solar Power Calculator that determines the potential savings from replacing conventional power sources with solar energy and a Solar Power Buyer’s Guide with advice and tips for solar shoppers.

The app is currently available in Google Play Store and an iOS version is slated to be released soon.


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