Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Website is loaded with free video games to play


My favorite Old School game is Tetris, and not just because I once interviewed Alexey Pajitnov, the Russian programmer who designed the game in the early 80s while he was working the Soviet Union’s Academy of Science.

I loved the floating floating puzzle game because it was easy to learn, hard to master and a great time-waster.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered I’m Your Father, a website where you can play the classic Tetris - like the one from the Nintendo NES and the IBM PC - as well as 16 other versions of the game.

IYF has hundreds of free games to play in its library. You can browse by categories like Action, Adventure, Shooting and Arcade or use the search window to see if they have your favorite from back in the day. The collection is updated weekly with new games along with the classics.

Check it out at the I’m Your Father website and follow their gamer posts @come2_play on Twitter.

And that name? Yes, they are clearly big Star Wars fans.


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