Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Zombie plants die, come back to life


You apparently don’t need a mad scientist or a Tesla Tower to reanimate a once-living organism. That’s the conclusion I drew from examining details about the Zombie Plant Grow Kit.

The kit contains seeds to grow and keep plants that “play dead” when you touch them, then mysteriously come back to life after a few minutes.

The Zombie Plant Kit contains six pellets of fertile soil packed in a black coffin-like container. Yes, we said coffin-like. Once the plants mature, they produce a bud that might remind you of a brain. Or a Triffid, the deadly horticultural oddities that were featured in a 1960s horror movie.

These plants won’t harm you but they look like they could be quite entertaining. Check them out and perhaps a good gift for a geeky dad on Father’s Day.

Check them out at Amazon where you can order a coffin with seeds for $16.99.


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