Monday, July 20, 2015

FreshForm for tablets eases sign-ins and registration


Do you find pockets full of prospective client business cards when you return from a conference? Are you still procrastinating about entering your new customers on your email list for the newsletter that you promised? FreshForm is a new app that can do those tasks and more.

FreshForm outfits your iOS or Android tablet with an application that makes it easy for customers to sign up at trade shows, conferences, and at store or restaurants. The collected data is immediately available onsite or when you return to the office.

The list can be collected offline, and you can automatically sync the new data with your list once you are online.

FreshForm makes it easy to turn one time customers into repeats and it eliminates the potential errors that come from copying written forms.

FreshForm is free and can be downloaded for Androids in the Google Play Store and for iPads in the iTunes App Store. You can also follow @FreshMail_APP on Twitter.


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  1. This one is a good application which support iOS and Android tablets. It delivers a best platform where customers can easily sign up at conferences, stores and restaurants. Best event planning apps for iPad



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