Wednesday, July 1, 2015

iKare Cafe runs on positive energy


I’m okay with Facebook, but I think too many of the posts are complains, attacks and ridicule.

iKare Cafe is a social network where the conversation is fueled by positive attitudes rather than negativity. Its creators say the platform is “built on the concept of pay-it-forward and paying back to the community.”

What sort of content is welcome at the iKare Cafe? Happy moments from a member’s life, motivational quotes, inspirational quotes or a discussion about an experience that made a member feel important. It could be little events in someone’s life — how they made a great cup of coffee for their partner - or a charity effort that could change the world.

Members can enter a short post or write a continuing blog - just so long as they stay positive.

Check out the iKare Cafe on the web - it could add a lift to your day or your life.


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