Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Service offers free phone numbers for SMS verification


I remember when people only asked for your mobile phone number when they want to talk about business or fun. Now it seems like every website or online service has a reason to send you a text message.

Well, what if you would rather not give them your cellphone digits? I’ve found what looks like a good way to keep everybody happy. A service called Receive-a-SMS has access to a multitude of phone numbers and it will let you borrow one for free when you need it.

Users can provide the loaned number for verification purposes, then come to the Receive-a-SMS website to read any messages sent to that number. The service can be useful to retain your anonymity online or to use when you’re traveling overseas where your own SMS service might not be available or you prefer not to use it.

The service will also let you purchase a private number for a monthly fee is you want to keep your messages private. Rates vary depending on the home base country. Examples are  $8 a month in the US and UK; $20 a month in Italy and Pakistan.


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  1. The instant messages that are sent to a telephone are called SMS messages. SMS is an acronym, which remains for "short message administration".
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