Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Website finds more stores like your favorites


Like most people, I have favorite stores and favorite brands. But I’m always open to open to better prices and broader options.

That’s why I was intrigued when I heard about a search engine that could find alternative stores to my usual choices. It’s called 99StoresLike and it helps you look for brands, stores or shops that are similar rot ones you like.

You know how Spotify and Pandora will build a whole channel around your a favorite musical artist? 99StoresLike works like that, only with stores and brands. The site has a search box that asks you for a brand or store name. It then returns a lengthy list of online stores that have similar items.

A search for stores like Petco, a pet supply store, gave me more than 38 online stores, some with a huge inventory and others, such as Pet Food Direct, had competitive pricing. A search of Ikea found a long list of competitive furniture stores, and Best Buy competitors included a list of international companies selling electronics.

But don't expect 99stores to cover everything. My wife couldn’t find sources for her favorite brand of jeans or for Misook, a high-end women's clothing line. But she did find online stores you probably have not considered - or even heard of - and boutiques offering good prices.

Now that she knows about the 99StoresLike website, I suspect she will be spending even more time shopping from her keyboard. 


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