Tuesday, September 1, 2015

UserBob offers affordable app and site testing


Some of the people I know who build apps and websites think their work is finished when their boss or their friends like their work. But that’s a shortsighted approach. If they want their creation to be successful, they should get the opinions of ordinary people - the folks who will use the product or service that they built.

Well-financed developers and agencies can spring for focus group sessions. Those who don’t have deep pockets should check out UserBob.

UserBob is a web-based service that recruits users to try out an app or website. Their clients provide a scenario for the user and give them a task that they will attempt to complete. UserBob records the user’s screen and voice while they work on and talk about the task. UserBob’s clients can then watch the videos to quickly learn what users love and, more importantly, what they hate.

UserBob clients can choose the demographics for their group of testers, so they don’t get a feedback from retirees about a dating app. And UserBob says the results and videos are available in a matter of hours - not the weeks it takes for a focus group report.

UserBob’s rates start at $10 for quick first impressions. A client can price more elaborate session with custom tasks and demographics on the UserBob website before submitting an order.


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