Tuesday, October 20, 2015

GratSpot lets you give or receive tips


My friends who drive for Uber tell me their biggest disappointment about the service is there’s no easy way for passengers to give them a tip. Uber’s competition Lyft, on the other hand, builds a tipping option into its app. It even launches fireworks when customers include a solid gratuity.

And what service provider doesn’t appreciate a tip for a job well done? Making tipping easier is the idea behind GratSpot, a new Android app that lets users tip anyone, anywhere at anytime.

The app uses PayPal to send or receive money. Users register with GratSpot and enter their PayPal ID. Tippers enter a person’s name, company and company address and GratSpot transfers the money to the service provider’s account within 24 hours. If the receiving party doesn’t claim the tip within seven days, the money is refunded to the tipper.

The app is available free in the Google Play Store and there are more details on the GratSpot website.


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