Friday, October 16, 2015

UpRight cures slouching with gentle remonders


My mother was a nurse who tried to pass on healthy habits to her family. That included teaching me not to slouch and she had a special way to encourage good posture – a knuckle burrowed deep into the small of my back.

I prefer the way UpRight teaches the same lesson. UpRight is a wearable posture-training device that you attach to your lower back using adhesive pads. When UpRight senses that you’re in a slouched position, it reminds you to straighten up with a gentle vibration - not a sharp poke in the spine. It also communicates with a mobile app to track your progress.

The developers of UpRight reported that their beta testers were more aware of their posture after wearing the device for only a couple of weeks. Their goal is to make an upright posture second nature after a couple of months of use.

There’s more information about the device on the UpRight website. The device is scheduled to be available for $129.95 in the next few weeks.


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