Sunday, October 11, 2015

Windows program scrubs spyware and malware


In our city, there’s at least a half a dozen shops that offer to wipe your computer’s hard drive and restore the operating system for about $100.

Why would someone need to do that? I think many of their customers have PCs that are so deeply infested with always and spyware that scrubbing the hard drive is last and best option.

Using a good protection program like PC Spyware Shield could have saved them a lot of money and work. The Windows program uses an updated database of definitions to identify and remove spyware, malware and adware.

The program will scan for malicious applications on a routine basis or it can be launched manually. Once is finds a threat, it quarantines and deletes the offending program.

PC Spyware Shield works with Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista. There’s a free version that offers up to 25 fixes or a Pro version that does unlimited repairs for $29.99. For more details, visit the PC Spyware Shield website.


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