Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cheero charger packs extra punch


After years of chasing open electrical outlets in a multitude of airports, I have resolved to carry my power with me. But finding the right battery charger can be a bit of a challenge. Most chargers only work with mobile phones and if you needed to refuel a full sized tablet you were SOL.

That’s not the case with the Cheero Power Plus 3. It has a power rating of 13400mAh, which is enough to juice up an iPad more than once. Another nice feature is dual USB outlets, which means you can deliver power to two devices at once.

In addition to phones and tablets, the Cheero is also a good power source for portable games consoles, music players, Bluetooth speakers and portable WiFi hotspots.

The Cheero is super easy to use. It has a power switch that turns on the juice and turns on four LED lights that tell you how much power is left in its rechargeable batteries.

Weighing about one-half pound, the Cheero is a little heavier that other battery packs, but that’s an easy trade-off to be able to charge an iPhone as many as five times.

The Cheero costs about $40 and is available through the Cheero website and at Amazon.


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