Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Gospik turns Google pages into a social network


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When I have an issue with my mobile phone, computer gear or household appliances, I go online looking for others who have the same equipment and similar problems. They often provide a quick solution and save me a call to the manufacturer or repair shop. But it’s not always easy to find a discussion forum where I can connect with those experienced users.

That challenge could get a lot easier if a new idea called Gospik takes off. Launched by Nevada-based Youppl Inc., Gospik is a browser extension that creates an instant discussion forum and social network based on the topic that you searched using Google’s search service.

Gospik is a plugin extension that works with Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers. It claims real estate in the column just to the right of listings displayed from a Google search. In some cases that area is filled with a Google-generated content that’s based on the search words. That might be a profile of an individual (usually a celebrity) or a list of sources that sell whet you’re looking for.

After I installed the Gospik extension for Chrome - a fast and painless process - that column turned into mini-forum devoted to my search topic. The Gospik block displays comments that other Gospik users have posted and a text window to enter my comment comment or question.

Because Gospik is very new, there are not a lot of comments posted. But I was surprised how quickly a conversation got rolling after I asked for opinions about the new Apple TV. And Gospik displays a list of five trending topics if you want to see what people are saying and add your two cents. Obama and Donald Trump were among the top five when I tested Gospik.

The folks at Youppl think Gospik will give ordinary people a platform to share their opinions and ideas with an almost unlimited audience. Right now, only the people who follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram see what I have to say. With Gospik, I could broadcast to the who universe of Google users. At least the ones who install the plugin.

To try the the extension or to just get a closer look at the plugin, visit the Gospik website and @gospikapp on Twitter.


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