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App it up! won't let you miss important calls and texts


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Do you find yourself responding late to important texts and calls? Do you often fail to hear alerts and ringtones? Are you the kind of person who neglects to check your phone every few minutes to see what you've missed?

If I were asking myself, I'd have to answer yes, yes and yes.

Sometimes I can't respond to calls and texts when I get them. I'm in a meeting. I'm taking a nap. I'm in the middle of a workout. Then my day has moved on, but important bits of communication got left behind in the rush.

App it up! for Android is like a snooze alarm for those calls and texts.

A snooze alarm with personality -- and you can pick the personality. The app speaks "in character" from a variety of recorded voices.

Do you want your alerts to come from a polite and proper butler? Well done, sir.

From a wise guy? That's an offer you might not wanna refuse.

From an astronaut? Roger that, Houston.

And there are a few other personalities to choose, including Sexy Girl, who purrs, "Hey, baby, I sent you a text. Did you see my text message? You are gonna love it." There's Mr. President, who sounds like a Saturday Night Live version of Bill Clinton. And then there's HanZ, who, with his thick Austrian accent, offers mild insults while informing you of the missed communication.

The app lets you pick the length of time after the missed call or text you want the app to tell you about it, and you can pick how often the message should repeat -- like setting the delay on a snooze alarm. This app is determined to deliver the message!

If listening to the same voice over and over gets tiresome, you can randomize the voices.

One more thing the app does is to warn when the phone's battery level is getting low, vocally reminding you to charge the phone.

With App it up! you'll soon hear about it when you miss that important call or text -- and you'll keep hearing about it until you pick up the phone and tap on the app's red X.

App it up! is simple, but it's useful. It's so useful that I wish the programmers would add a feature letting the voices tell me I need to check my calendar -- I'm always missing event alerts.

The app uses an easy dashboard for choosing voices and "snooze" settings.

App it up! from App Star Inc. costs $1.99, and you can find it on Google's Play.

-- Carol Hartman


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