Sunday, June 26, 2016

iTexico offers nearshore outsourcing


Nearshore outsourcing
Companies that have complex software development projects often use teams of coder based in distant locations such as China or India. There are cost benefits for using offshore resources, but they come with management challenges when your staff is several time zones away.

A company called iTexico suggests an alternative: Rather than going offshore for development resources, try nearshore outsourcing.

By nearshore, they mean closer to the US. Mexico, for example, where the workday hours match the US and many holidays coincide with those in America.

iTexico says it employs more than 120 professionally-trained developers and teams that provide mobile and cloud development, testing, and support. The company is based in Austin, TX with a regional office in Silicon Valley and a software development and delivery center in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Using nearshore resources can often the same financial benefit as using teams in India or Ukraine. It also offers shorter travel time for on-site visits and more cultural alignment between the iTexico client and the development team. Intellectual property is also protected through NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement.

iTexico’s customers include Appcelerator, Kofax, IBM, Xamarin, and Microsoft and many of them use the company’s FullStack JavaScript solution to build mobile, web and API projects.

For a closer look at a next-door development concept, check the video below, visit the iTexico website and follow @itexico on Twitter.


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