Thursday, June 9, 2016

Module adds 3D sound to any headphones


What’s the missing element in virtual reality video? It might be VR sound? A French company called 3D Sound Labs says it has figured out how to bring fully immersive audio to any headphones.

The key is the company’s 3D Sound One Module, a device with built-in motion sensors that can be attached to any conventional headphones. The technology was first developed for the 3D Sound One headphones and now available for other headphones.

The company says the 3D Sound One Module will “realistically deliver a multipoint sound similar to last generation cinema halls and to the most sophisticated home cinema equipment.” Using the application or a driver, the 3D Sound One Module virtualizes in space several acoustic sources, like the multichannel sound of a movie. Its head-tracking sensors are able to read slight movements  to render a three-dimensional sound that is very precisely localized, like the sounds we perceive in our everyday life.

In the world of first-person games, sound cues has give a player a competitive advantage. That’s why I always use headphones when I play. With a clear acoustic representation of his own environment, the user is more focused and can act quicker.

The 3D Sound One Module is available for $99 at the 3D Sound Labs website, which also offers the free driver for PCs running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. The company also offers a developer’s kit so we are likely to see new apps based on 3D Sound Labs technology.


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