Monday, June 27, 2016

Taggroo finds and shares street art


While visiting Denver a couple of years ago, I walked out the rear entrance of a bar and was presented with massive multi-building mural that stretched u[p and down the alley. It was colorful, intriguing and impressive. But was it street art or graffiti?

That’s a question that is often debated in a variety of places, including this 2015 article in Denver’s Westword newspaper. It’s also up for debate among the people using Taggroo, a mobile app that lets users find and share street art in their cities.

The app lets artists create galleries of their work with location data that will help others find their original work, perhaps before government crews and well-meaning citizens paint it over. The app also includes a public discussion form and the option to talk in private chat rooms.

Artists can register, upload their custom tags and choose their personal style, whether it’s stencils, graffiti, stickers or another medium.

To join the debate, share your street work - and see some fairly amazing art - check out the Taggroo app in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.


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