Sunday, July 17, 2016

FixBidz app offers fast quotes for auto body repairs


A few months ago, I backed my nice car into a lightest in a parking lot leaving an ugly dent in the rear fender. The first things on my mind were where can I get it fixed and how much will it cost me?

Some of the folks in the auto body repair industry have developed an app designed to deliver fast answers to both of those questions.

The FixBidz app lets users upload pictures of your car's damage. The service then sends the photos to repair shops in the user’s area. The shops then contact the car owner to deliver estimates on the repair job and how long it will take.

Using the app can reduce the time it typically takes to find a shop you like and a price you can afford. There is no obligation to use any of the services that respond.

The FixBidz app is available for Apple devices in the iTunes App Store and for Androids in the Google Play Store.


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