Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Stock-trading algorithms come to mobiles


The well-known stock trading companies often point to their high-level technology as proof that they have an edge over the individual investor. But some of that technology is starting to become available to people who want  to actively manage their portfolio.

One example is Clone Algo, a company that has figured out how to incorporate artificial intelligence based algorithms in a mobile app. The idea is to put your trading portfolio on autopilot, but one that only does whet you want it to do.

The  algorithms can be programmed to execute trades based on variables such as the stock’s price and current market conditions. They don’t analyze large volumes of data or try to predict a future stock price. But they can carry out instructions without constant monitoring by humans.

Clone Algo works with a group of registered brokers that are set up to communicate with and accept instructions from the mobile app. After the app is up and running and a trading account in place, users can track an algorithm live to assess its performance over  period of time before choosing one that will be good fit.

For more details, visit the Clone Algo website and check out the mobile apps in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.


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