Sunday, July 3, 2016

Workly turns smartphones into digital timeclocks


We were more than a decade into the 21st Century when a secretary in the office where I worked was still spending most of a full day recording works form a stack of time slips.

Now it appears that businesses can finally join the computer age with a catch up with the digital age with a program called Workly. It’s an app-based system that lets managers compile employee data, rosters, and schedules on one modern digital platform.

Workday gives managers the ability to get a overhead or up close view of how a workforce is performing. It shows who is consistently showing up to the office late or who’s burning the midnight oil, either by individual employee or department. That can be especially useful when a staff is spread across different schedules, time zones or continents.

Workly comes with free access to the Workly TimePad app that turns an Apple and Android device into a virtual time clock, allowing employees to clock in and clock out using a personal code or their QR scanner.

The system integrates with an existing payroll system to manage employee leave and overtime and track important dates such as an employee’s birthday. It will also store important documents like hiring contracts.

More details and a free trial are available at the Workly website. The app can be downloaded in the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.


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