Monday, August 1, 2016

Italian network monitor earns Gartner recognition


Even the most dedicated IT professionals can’t see everything that’s happening on a company network. Any serious network monitoring requires help from a digital appliance such as SentiNet3, a proactive monitoring device created by the Italian company Data Informatica.

SentiNet3 is a unified monitoring system that can watch an entire IT infrastructure, including applications. It’s users include Italian police and security services as well as private companies.

In July, Fata Informatica was the only Italian company included in the Gartner’s Market Guide for IT infrastructure Monitoring Tools. Gartner is a leading management consulting, research and analysis company based in the US.

Antonio Capobianco, the CEO of Fata Informatica, said this about the Gartner recognition:
To be included in the Gartner’s Market Guide, for us is not the only reason to be proud, but also the result of the strong company commitment in the IT systems monitoring field. We are collecting the benefits of our meticulous and accurate work that we have been carrying on for over twenty years. In particular, thanks to SentiNet3 we are able to map constantly computer systems, monitor them and adopt timely remediation in case of security threats. 
Details about SentiNet3 are available on the company’s website, which has a list of product features and profiles of how clients are using the product.


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